Artists: We need you!

Some of you may have noticed the general lack of art connected to serials. No, not all serials but the vast majority are lacking in that department.


There are reasons, one of them being most writers can’t draw/paint/art.

It’s been a little talking point between a few serial authors and myself for a while now.


So this is your drafting call, if you will. We are looking for artists be they professional or hobbyists to (art) characters, scenes, possible book covers.

Leave a comment, let us know please.


(art) in this context is any form of art digital or otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Artists: We need you!

  1. Oh jeez Tempest, I didn’t realize you needed art! Didn’t you know I’m a registered artiologist? If I had only known you were looking I would’ve whipped something up sooner, here’s a Louvre-level banner for ya!

  2. WordPress, clearly jealous of my abundance of artbility, didn’t post that image, so here’s a LINK to the Louvre-level banner. No no don’t grovel, no thanks required, just undying devotion and possibly the soul of your firstborn.

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