Tempest is my pen name and Mage Life is my story.

Welcome to the tale of Tristan, a newly minted Mage.


This is my work in progress.

This is the part where I tell you, nothing is set in stone. Things will change, there will likely be major rewrites as hopefully my skills improve.

There will also likely be consistency issues as I build this world.

Please consider this my first draft if you will. The substance of the story. There will be missteps, things that shouldn’t be there, things that don’t work. Please don’t worry about them, and please do stick with my through them, I hope at the end there will be a story that holds together but I can make no promises.

Artistic expression is often messy, I apologize for that, but you are in at the ground floor.

Updating every two weeks.  Due to the demands of my life, I can’t promise more

Please feel free to comment and question.


Start here

Table of contents here

4 thoughts on “About

  1. FINALLY!!! I have been waiting forever for a story with magic! Superpowers are nice, but anything with a wizard in it just makes me happy. 🙂
    Also, even if there is no official schedule, how often do you expect to be putting stuff out? (Answering this question will not give you an obligation to follow through, just in case you set the bar to high. 🙂

  2. I MAY be able to manage a chapter a week, but as I’m just starting, i don’t want to promise and let people down. I will put up another chapter in a couple of days, as i have a few chapters ready to go.
    I’m really pleased you are so happy.

  3. I finally had a chance to take a look at your book on Amazon after you commented on my latest post. I have to say, it actually made me laugh, in a good way. I’ll add it to my list next time I order.

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