First Impressions

Hello all and welcome to Mage Life.

This story is a work in progress as I said in the about page, its my first ever effort in writing.

I would be extremely interested in your first impressions.

A large part of the problem with any artistic endeavor is the inability to judge your own work objectively.

Here is where you can put your suggestions, thoughts, things that annoy you , you know all the things that are likely to make you drop a book in disgust, or leap in joy.

I can’t promise your comments will change the direction but I will take it all under advisement.

This is my attempt to open a dialogue.

14 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. I just read up through chapter 15.

    Definitely an interesting story. I agree with some of the other comments in that your grammar and sentence structure could use work in some places, but the story itself? I’m fascinated. You have a lot of extremely cool ideas regarding the world and use of magic.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. the only problem is that the chapters don´t get out often enough and I say this with all respect of hall difficult writing may be… now I have one little thing that bugs me: the wizard boss or anyone else haven´t make any fuss about Tristan protective enchantment doing that simbol they only come back couse of the constructo I have the impression that he did any other impossible thing… seriously I love this webstory if you sell a book of it I would buy it

  3. So, I just finished the book. I really enjoyed the read but the ending left me hanging. So I am hoping book two is coming along nicely? I did see that it is in line for some edits so that is good. The characters are likeable from the get go and your ideas and the world you are creating are great. Did I mention that I hope book two is in the works =).
    Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to what will follow.

    • Book 2 is coming, but its still in really early stages due to real life issues. Hopefully summer will bring me the time to get my teeth into it.
      Edits are expensive but considering the vast number of people that have mentioned it, I felt it a worthwhile move.
      The ending was designed to give a sense of closure but anticipation. Good to see that it worked.
      I’m pleased you enjoyed it and thank you for your comment. It has made my day.

  4. In a world where magic is everywhere and everyone can develop the potential inside them, we follow Tristan, a newly-minted mage as he starts working for the wizards council.

    Disaster struck many years ago and the world is just recovering. Come and see what is in store for the punch-clock mage.

  5. Just finished the e-book on Amazon Kindle. Great storyline. Loved it.
    I was very pleased to hear that there is an edited edition to follow.
    Good work. Looking forward to book 2.

    • Thanks. I am sorry that you all had to wait for the editing to be done. It’s just how it went. Book 2 is slowly coming together, I just need the time to write it now.

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