Whats been up with me?

So, as many of you will have noticed, I’ve been very quiet. I feel I should justify it and explain, but I won’t. Simply put, life happens.

But, what I did want to do is share with you is one of the stories I found while procrastinating on finals revision.


It’s not my usual genre at all. Zombies. But for one, its massive, for its price. Many of us get through a lot of books, it’s why we end up drawn to web-fiction in the first place. For another, its well written, and decent.

Like I said above, zombies are not my thing. The characters are stupid, they do all the things you constant want to scream at them for. But not in this one.

If this catches your fancy, then check it out.

When time is a bit more on my side, I will write a solid review.

Hope everyone is doing well.

P. Tempest

(Don’t ask about MageWar, please)


2 thoughts on “Whats been up with me?

  1. Huh youre still going? 😉 Im still waiting for my second book. 😛 Hope youre condition will allow you in the future to write again. 🙂

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