This is ever so slightly late.


Mage Life has hit 10,000 views, which is amazing.


Thank you to all my readers, even to those that came, that saw and left.


Once again, thank you all.


One thought on “10,000 Views

  1. Some interesting things factoids about your recent milestone.
    -There is an archaic unit of measure called the “Myria-” which denotes 10,000, and comes from the same root as the word “myriad”. So you now literally have myriad views.
    -You have approximately as many views as there are species of bird.
    -If you had only one reader who visited Mage Life every day, it would take roughly 27 years for you to hit this number of views.
    -Every neuron in the human brain is estimated to connect to about 10,000 others, so you can think of Mage Life as a lil’ internet neuron now, in the brain of…um…humanity I guess?

    Grats on hitting your first 10k views, and here’s to many more 10ks to come!

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