Mage Life Chapter 7 Part 2

A light shone through my closed eyelids. Disturbing the darkness of my rest. My bones felt so heavy, keeping me pinned to my bed. A few blinks later, the light was still there, but clearer, it was Orb hovering over me.

“Junior Mage Tristan I’ve  been sent by Master Jase, to confirm your well-being to him,” it stated.

“Where is Lysan?” I asked, trying to buy time to assess my condition.

“Mage Lysan is reassigned due to the emergency declaration,”  it answered.

Emergency?” I exclaimed.

“Yes Tristan. The damage from the explosion was extensive. A state of emergency was declared while you were missing. Your immediate care was worth the loss of a mage but Lysan is now needed elsewhere.  The stone guild has been called in for clearance and restoration of the area. Our mages are needed to void the enchantments that were damaged, as well as clear the bodies, and attempt identification,” It replied showing no emotion. Orb was different than I remembered from my first meetings of it.

“How bad is it?” I asked quietly. My memories of my walk back were scrambled but vivid.

“I am not authorised to tell you due to your suspension and my emergency protocols,” it answered stiffly.

“Oh. Protocols?” I asked. I had an inkling but I wanted to hear from it.

“Yes. Personality is locked down during emergencies as it may interfere with my abilities to function,” it stated with the same absence of tone I’d noted earlier.

“I have never heard about that, which is surprising, I do have a talent for golems,” I said

“It is restricted to council equipment,”it said.

“Equipment, yes I’m sure it is,” I commented darkly. I hate how some golems are treated as things.

“Tristan, how are you? Master Jase did request to know,” it said, not even reacting to my remark.

“How would I know Orb? I’ve just woken up. I’m more tired than I’ve been in my whole life. Pain is coming and going. I haven’t even tried magic! I have no clue how long I’ve been asleep,” I cried out exasperated, “Surely you have the medi-mage report?

“Yes Tristan we do. I believe Master Jase was inquiring, more about your mental wellbeing. He seems concerned for you,” it said.

“Well he can bloody well come himself!” I shouted. I was sick of this. “I walked through the district. I saw. I know. Those people didn’t stand a chance!” I ranted. Tears threatened to spill from my eyes.

“Tristan, Master Jase is dealing with the emergency. He can not come. Thank you for your report,”  Orb said dispassionately, its colours flickering as it hovered over to the door. “Would you like your family contacting? ”

“No, thank you Orb. I will be back on duty as soon as possible” I said firmly.

“Very well. Good bye Junior Mage Tristan,” it said as it left.

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