Mage Life Chapter 7 Part 1

My nightmares shredded into tatters as I awoke. Leaving me alone in my darkened room. I had no idea how long I been out. Sitting up, I looked toward the window. It was dark but that could mean it was the same day or weeks later. I needed to get up and give my report properly. I reached for my magic to turn on the light. The pain shot through me. My channels were seared. A few deep breaths and a very scary moment later. I was shivering in fear, that my power wouldn’t heal. I had seen some nasty things in the academy. Young, gifted mage aspirants, burned out. No control of their magic. Some driven mad by the pain, it had given me nightmares for years. I still don’t know what had happened to them, in some ways I didn’t want to know. It was too early to panic, I had to calm down. I stood on shaky legs, I tried to dress. It did not go well. My stumbling made a lot of noise. A knock at the door came. I had managed to get my trousers on at least

“Who is it?” I shouted

“Its Lysan. May I come in?” he asked from the other side of the door

“Um, sure.” I replied. Some company might help with my mood. I thought.

My door opened and in walked Mage Lysan, looking rather uncomfortable. He was avoiding eye contact. My heart filled with dread. What did he not want to tell me?

“What’s wrong Lysan?” I asked. Lysan flinched.

“Tristan you shouldn’t be out of bed. Even the healing should have kept you asleep for a while longer.” Lysan hurriedly said.

“How long have I been out? I asked, I hoped he would give me a straight answer.

“Only six hours. You need rest. The damage was superficial, apart from the burn but you were exhausted. The healing on top of that. It was touch and go, if you would wake up at all,” Lysan answered rushing forward to help me back into bed. I raised my arms to ward him off.

“No! Not yet. I need to know what’s going on!” I shouted, holding back tears. I really was that close to death. My strength was fading as it was. Lysan stopped, looked at me, taken aback by the force of my response.

“Tristan, I have orders. I can’t tell you until I’m cleared. You are on medical leave indefinitely, I’m sorry,” Lysan replied, pity in his eyes.

“No! They can’t do this to me. What happened at the foundry? Was I the only survivor?” I asked doggedly.

“Tristan, please understand the position I’m in. I can’t tell you.” Lysan insisted weakly. He resumed walking towards me.

“No, no, no. I need to know what’s going on,” My voice wavered as I spoke.

“Let’s get you back into bed Tristan. Everything will be okay. Focus on getting better,” Lysan said softly. He guided me back to my bed. My strength to resist gone.

“Rest. I’m just outside. Don’t worry about anything,” were Lysan’s final words as the last of my will evaporated. The black of sleep claimed me.

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