Well thats it for the rapid posts. I’m trying to work out a schedule that I can keep.  So I have a question for you all.

Would you prefer full chapters or part chapters?

I can do a few scenes at a time, it would make it more frequent or I could do a full chapter which will take far longer.

15 thoughts on “Posting

  1. Depends on the speed that you can post. If it takes a week for a whole chapter, then I’d prefer small chunks. If you could do two postings a week, then that would be preferable to small postings.

    • I MAY be able to manage a chapter a week but 9-10 days is more likely.
      I have kids to work around.
      a couple of scenes a week wouldn’t be problem, i dont think but i dont want to set something up that i can’t live up to.

  2. It is nice of you to ask, but your mental health is of the most import. If you’re rushing your work because your followers want to see it, then your work is suffering. Truth is, we will read that which you allow us to read, and we’ll be grateful for what we see.

    • That is a very kind attitude to have. Thank you.I’m just trying to feel out what is the best way forward. just for that i’ll post chapter four but after this no more until i work out what i can sustain

  3. I think that bigger chapters is the way to go. I like Drew’s work (superpowereds) but the chapters are so short that I can’t really get into the book before it is done. Much more preferable is wildbows stuff, I’m entirely in the story before it ends. Of course, you don’t want to go fels way either. He releases his stuff thirty pages at a time (nice) and does it once a month (not so nice). I think any things less then 2000 words should be avoided, (not that I manage to follow my own advice… 😉

    • I’m leaning towards the larger. I have the same issues with smaller pieces. I read a fair bit of Fels work years ago. Tower of sorcery was soo good. We shall see what I manage to pull off. Currently I’m just working off what I’ve already written so I’m not feeling a strain yet, but that will change I’m sure.

    • i partly disagree
      while drew’s work is shorter than i like i prefere his length over wildbows, which have grown so large that it takes up too much time, sometime i didn’t get to read a chapter of worm and jumped over it to keep track of the story, and i stopped reading pact for now because it takes to much time

      and you wouldn’t want to go the way for the zomby knight either sometimes 2-4 chapters a day but even shorter than drews (1/3-1/2 of his size) i couldn’t keep track of it and eventually (well that and the story wasn’t realy my type)

      and everything Eric Schlehlein said

      and yay 2 new webnovels to look into Redirectionand what soever you talk about “fels” (need a bit more info to find it pls)

    • I think I’m realising that now. Ive been working on mage life since just before christmas. I have lost track of the number of times I wanted to quit and that was just for me.
      Now I’m thinking, I’ll put out what I have already gradually, and work out what I can commit to without driving me to murder my computer or killing my desire to carry on.

      • A lot of writers keep a writing buffer of several days worth of content, so they can write all they want on one day, then maybe so something else at a later time.

        Personally, my every-other-day goal is posting 3000 words or more. This usually allows me to make each chapter a tiny substory all by itself, or allow me to create a nice hook.

        I keep no buffer. What I write hits the blog when I finish it, but I will make large edits to chapters if someone brings a problem to my attention that I agree needs fixing. I added nearly 2000 words to a chapter a couple weeks back 🙂

        But. I have no kids. No wife. No roommates. I do have a full time job though.

        It’s a matter of what works for you.

  4. Shorter Chapters are fine. Really long ones can actually be a detriment to enjoyment, requiring more time to consume. If you can, work in a hook or cliffhanger at the end. Check out Legion of Nothing for examples (lots of examples).
    Some other thoughts: You need to edit your posts better, especially around speech. “He flew,” she said. Make sure you get a comma in there.
    Unless your whole story stays rather short, a better way to navigate the story than simply forward and back is really nice.

  5. Thank you for your comment. I have a table of contents, which should help with the navigation issues.
    I’m slowly working back through my posts, checking for missing punctuation.
    Again thank you for reading and I hope you stick around.

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